Global GreenSTEM elevates STEM education to a new level of purpose and impact that sparks curiosity and empathy in participants while reinforcing teamwork and communication skills. We work with educators to transform materials-based STEM activities and programs into real-world projects with personal connections to the learner. Learners, community, and the natural environment all benefit when academic learning merges with real world understanding and impact.  


We believe that…

When people CARE, they want to learn.

When people LEARN, they want to respond.

When people RESPOND,

they make an IMPACT that changes the world.


Global GreenSTEM experiences can engage learners' hearts (caring), heads (learning), and hands (responding). Learners who see a real purpose and connection to what they are investigating will seek out knowledge and skills to gain greater understanding. This understanding can empower them to investigate and solve real-world problems that affect themselves and others. This educational experience can propel these active learners to become active lifelong citizens and leaders, to pursue higher educational opportunities and to aspire to careers that fit their passion. 



Students around the world are actively applying their STEM* knowledge and skills to solve real environmental and sustainability problems locally and globally.



To make learning relevant, purposeful, and impactful by collaboratively creating opportunities for learners and educators to understand and solve real-world environmental and sustainability problems by applying STEM knowledge and skills locally.


*STEM: An interdisciplinary learning approach that applies science, technology, engineering and math to investigate and solve problems.



When people care, learn, and respond, they change the world by making an impact.

Care + Learn + Respond = Impact


Laura Arndt’s goal, with all audiences, is to create bridges of understanding and compassion between people and their natural environment through active inquiry learning and positive action. She customizes educational experiences to local environmental issues, to targeted STEM concepts or skills, and to the learners’ culture, interests, and concerns.  By simultaneously teaching and modeling effective instructional strategies based on research, Laura sparks curiosity, excitement, and motivation to understand and solve real problems by applying STEM knowledge and skills.

Laura consults with educators in diverse formal and informal settings: Schools, school districts, museums, zoos, state parks and nature centers, conservation organizations, forest service and wildlife agencies.  Her consulting is enriched by years of teaching high school science and elementary science/ GreenSTEM. Spanning two decades, Laura worked with several international mountain gorilla organizations developing and implementing conservation education programs and curricula. She was also a state park education ranger and an educator-bird handler for permanently injured raptors.

Global GreenSTEM

We make learning relevant, purposeful, and impactful by collaboratively creating opportunities for learners and educators to understand and solve local real-world environmental and sustainability  problems by applying STEM knowledge and skills.


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