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Working with educators to create purposeful GreenSTEM experiences that inspire and empower learners of all races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations to understand and change the world.​

We work with educators in any setting to create culturally-relevant, place-based STEM experiences that allow all learners to investigate local environmental and sustainability issues they care about, 

and to then to apply their knowledge and skills 

by designing and implementing real solutions.


Global GreenSTEM elevates STEM education to a new level of purpose and impact, sparking curiosity and empathy in participants while reinforcing teamwork and communication skills.


Learner-relevant GreenSTEM projects and curriculum development vary in size, location, culture, STEM content, real-world problem, and real-world solution.


We collaboratively consult with schools, districts, and informal education sites to create learner- relevant STEM experiences through professional learning, curriculum and program development, 

 presentations, and innovative local/global partnerships.

Creates a space in which students...

love learning,

care about others and the environment,

are motivated to understand local problems and passionate about designing solutions,

are inspired to be active citizens and learners beyond the classroom.

GreenSTEM IS...

an engaging project-based learning model that uses STEM content and practices to investigate learner-relevant environmental and sustainability problems, and to design and carry out solutions. 


 care about learning and teaching because they see the relevance of working on a real world problem that affects them or something important to them. They become engaged citizens by solving real problems, and make connections with STEM careers.


benefit when learners contribute knowledge, skills, innovative ideas, time and resources to design solutions for problems that affect the natural world and citizens. 


GreenSTEM learners see a meaningful real-world purpose to what is being learned, and feel a sense of accomplishment when their knowledge and actions make a difference.

“Why do I have to learn this? Who cares? It’s boring!”

GreenSTEM experiences disprove this! Specific achievable solutions to school and community problems are directly connected to content.

“It does not matter what I do. The problems are too big.”

GreenSTEM experiences spark student motivation by directly affecting the student or something the student cares about.

“How do I get my students to love learning?”

GreenSTEM learners experience the positive impact their knowledge  has on solving problems they care about, which sparks 

desire and confidence to do more. Learners can identify themselves in STEM careers.

Higher ed. ,employers: “How can we motivate students to take STEM classes and pursue STEM careers?”

GreenSTEM learners in schools can partner with organizations to investigate problems and design solutions by contributing time, data, materials, innovative ideas, and actual solution designs.

Citizens, scientists:
“There are too many problems and not enough resources to solve them.”

I love the GreenSTEM focus. It encourages students to be observant of the world around them, see problems, and then be motivated to solve them. Students are empowered when they feel like they can make a difference.  Teacher, GreenSTEM Workshop

It is very important that the content students learn at school helps them understand our island environment and leads them toward participating in our island conservation. 

Teacher, Guam-STEM Workshop