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  • Conservation Through Public Health

  • Winnie Mabaso Foundation

  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

  • Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund


  • Captain Planet Foundation

  • Biomimicry Institute


  • National Science Teachers Assoc. 

  • NSTA Press

  • Citizen Science Assoc. Education  Group

  • University of Denver

  • Nano-Link


  • State departments of education

  • State forest service

  • State parks

  • Department of parks and wildlife

  • Guam Department of Education

  • Colorado Environmental Ed. Council


  • American Indian Academy of Denver

  • K-12 school districts

  • Elementary, middle, high schools

  • Nature centers

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science

  • Denver Zoo

  • The Wildlife Experience

Indigenized STEAM in a 21st century curriculum

Collaboration with indigenous educators to develop culturally-honoring STEAM curriculum for this middle school that is rooted in indigenous knowledge while integrating parallel convention science through NGSS-based Colorado Science Standards.

Guam-relevant STEM K-12 Plan & Professional Learning 

This multi-year relationship with Guam Department of Education focuses on integrating island-relevant  STEM experiences addressing environmental and cultural issues through all grades. Aligned to Next Gen. Science Stds.

Captain Planet’s Project Hero

A new web-based curriculum framework was developed for Captain Planet Foundation’s Project Hero, a online learning platform that engages & empowers young people to design and implement solutions to local environmental issues.

Biomimicry Institute

Youth Design Challenge

Strengthen the educational scope and NGSS alignment of this online challenge that has students design a biomimicry-based solution to a problem impacting climate change.

Mountain Gorilla

Conservation Education Program

Working with several mountain gorilla organizations, conservation education programs were established in Rwanda and Uganda and two issue-based curricula were developed for these countries and the USA.

Nebraska-STEM PBL Unit

A GreenSTEM project-based learning unit  was developed as an exemplar for Nebraska Department of Education. The unit explores a problem unique to Nebraska in which students across the state could design and implement real solutions.

Informal Education Program Development and Docent Training

Inquiry-based educational programming was developed for on-site and outreach activities at a new wildlife museum; research and content writing contributed to an interactive ecosystem exhibit; zoo, museum, and state parks docents have been trained in relevant-STEM instruction .

Michigan-relevant Inquiry-across-content Professional Learning 

A suburban Detroit secondary school participated in an all-staff professional learning experience to expand understanding, practice and integration of inquiry-based lessons and projects across all content areas.


Module Development

An India-relevant STEM module, designing an accurate package delivery system using parachutes dropped from drones, was developed for a STEM academy that was providing STEM curriculum to India schools.

STEM Without Borders™

Project - South Africa

A Colorado high school class built model solar panel plastic bottle lights and sent them to South Africa's Winnie Mabaso Foundation and American International School of Johannesburg to be completed and installed in homes 

without electricity.

Science/STEM National Conference
Professional Learning Experiences

Day-long pre-conference  

workshops, 1-2 hour conference sessions, and speaking presentations have been given at state, regional, and national professional organization conferences. 

Global GreenSTEM

We make learning relevant, purposeful, and impactful by collaboratively creating opportunities for learners and educators to understand and solve local real-world environmental and sustainability  problems by applying STEM knowledge and skills.


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